our story


petit[p(ə)ti/, /it] is French for small / little
tembo[tem-bo, te-mbo] is Swahili for elephant

petitTembo is the heart project of two friends, who were inspired by their daughters, travels and a commitment to helping children become compassionate global citizens.

A few years ago, Ivana (right) and Carla (left) traveled to East Africa. This trip of a lifetime became an inspiration and foundation of petitTembo. This idea was born on one beautiful morning while watching an elephant family graze peacefully in Masai Mara. It is said that elephants and humans are remarkably similar in many ways and that elephants poses all the best human traits. Much like children they are real, unconditional, and pure in love. So, it seemed only natural that our company would carry a name of such an extraordinary being.

petitTembo serves as a platform to bring greater awareness of our interdependence with the natural world and the understanding that all of its inhabitants are of value.

We partner with select non-profit organizations and design high-quality clothing for children. Everything we produce sparks learning about the causes favoured by our partners. Every organization we partner with receives a portion of the profits we make. Every child who receives a petitTembo product is a little more attuned to the challenges we face.<.>

We engage in honest, ethical and sustainable practices. Our products are made with 100% organic cotton. We are committed to minimal impact on our planet through ‘end-to-end’ business processes that minimize our carbon footprint. Our fabrics are sourced from a mill in North America where the cotton is grown and produced with low impact dyes in a ‘closed loop system’. All our packaging and branding elements are made with recycled materials. These practices allow our customers to consume consciously.