in good company


Our small initiative created as part of the petitTembo brand with a sole focus on showcasing and spotlighting different lines of ethical, handcrafted lifestyle products and meaningful collections created by small artisans across the globe.

Our passion for mindful, intentional living and slow design sparked its creation. Our aim is to cater to the conscious consumer who wants more from the brands they chose to support.

Every item purchased creates a tangible social impact. 

Values that define petitTembo continue to be a driver for us as we’re committed to only selecting products that are in alignment with our ethical, sustainable and fair-trade standards.

As within our own line, these products embrace the beauty of slow design and aim to promote intentional living by linking our beliefs and values to our purchases. 

We are excited to introduce our first partnership with MANGATA - handcrafted wooden kids stools


MANGATA stools are made by a small group of artisans in Eastern Europe who use a fusion of wood and fire to handcraft these beautiful pieces. 

The beauty of the collection is captured in its name: MANGATA means ‘a glimmering road-like reflection the moon creates on water.’ These stools are a play of two elements, wood and fire, which reflect nature’s wonders and stillness of time.

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